Top 8 LightWeight Browsers For Windows 10 (Guide)

Lightweight Browsers

Lightweight Browsers:- When we think about web browsers Google Chrome, Firefox mainly comes to our mind, and it’s evident because these two are big giants in the field of browsers in Windows and Android too. But the main problem with these browsers is that if you are using low specs Pc, it can slow down your Computer/Laptop. There are many proofs available on the Internet how these browsers are eating our system heavily. Now you may be thinking that is there any alternative for this or not?. Let me tell you. Yes, there are many alternatives to this. However, I have got you best of them you can check them below.

Here I am going to show you top 7 lightweight browsers for windows. After reading this post, you can choose your desired one.

   Best Lightweight Browsers For Windows 10


lightweight browsers

Midori is one of the best lightweight browsers and the best part about this browser is it’s an open source browser that means it’s source code is available on the internet one can easily customize this browser according to there needs and this makes it stand out from other browsers. It also supports all the latest web programming languages like HTML5, Css3, Bookmark, RSS, Spell checker and it also includes Incognito mode. It also has an inbuilt privacy tool including disabling the script, third-party script blocking, and automatic history clearing after a certain amount of time.

There is also an inbuilt adblocker and cookie manager installed, but it’s not activated if you want you can enable after installing. Midori uses Duckduckgo search engine as default instead of Google however if you wish to Google as your default search engine you can change by going to settings. It uses Duckduckgo because it’s quite better than Google because it doesn’t share your personal information. Many of the user like this because of its minimal look which is in trend nowadays.

You can download this by using this link.

Comodo IceDragon Browser

lightweight browsers

Before going to tell you anything about IceDragon browser let me tell you that Comodo is a security company. This makes it better than everyone in terms of security. With robust security, its features are quite similar to Firefox like it has the same menu, extension, add-on and many things. If you are a Firefox user before then you will be very familiar with this browser. In my opinion, it is one of the best lightweight browsers.

Another great feature of this browser is it runs on its own virtually created container this makes it more secure like it won’t allows any harmful software to be installed on your computer. Some features of Comodo:-

  1. Easy to use and Fast, Uses light resource on Pc.
  2. You can scan web pages for malware from your Browser.
  3. Web pages Load Fast.
  4. Privacy and Performance Enhancement.
  5. Compatibility with firefox plugin.

You can download IceDragon browser by visiting this link.


lightweight browsers

Seamonkey is quite similar to Midori because these are open source project. This uses the same rendering application as in Firefox. Some of the favorites feature like Tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking, feed detection, smart location bar and many more. It has got an inbuilt email client, and it has many cool features such as junk mail filtering, tags, and mail views, web feeds reading, tabbed messaging, multiple accounts and many more such elements. And many components include such as Html editor, Dom inspector, Javascript debugger.

It has also many capabilities as a password manager, mouse gestures, voice interaction, and have the ability to restore sessions.

You can download Seamonkey browser by visiting this link.

Maxthon Cloud Browser

lightweight browsers

Maxthon has some fantastic features that it’s competitor lack. It comes with inbuilt Adblock blocker that many browsers don’t have. It uses cloud computing technology to provide high performance, synchronization, sharing capabilities and many more. By using this browser, you can download video from any social sites without using an addon. It comes with a Magic fill option using that you can quickly fill up your form with one click. Maxton 5 also has features like Screen capture tool, Night mode, Reader Mode and also you can customize skin too.

You can download Maxthon browser by using this link.


lightweight browsers

Vivaldi has some great features and it is quite reliable on windows 10. It uses Google as the engine but uses less memory than Google Chrome. It has some excellent features such as Faster Navigation including Speed Dial, Speed Dial Folders, Quick Commands, Fast Forward, Rewind and Smarter Browsing including Notes, Web Panels, Side Panels, Search Box, Custom Search Engine and Tab Management, Bookmarks, Shortcuts, Visual and it allows users to choose theme for them.

When we want to compare this with its competitor it is not far behind them as it uses the latest technology and in the case of HTML5, it is quite good then Firefox. If you are an old Opera user then you may find this useful because it is quite similar to old Opera because in the new version of opera browser many people are not liking it. It is also a good lightweight browsers.

Vivaldi is young now and its team is working hard to make it wonderful and I am sure in upcoming days it will overcome many browsers.

This is free and you can download by visiting this link.


lightweight browsers

Are you one of them who uses browsers to play songs and videos? Then don’t waste your time for searching any other browser because Torch is the only browser that you need for this. The torch is based on chrome rendering engine but uses less memory than chrome.

In the Torch browser, you can find Torch Music(It is a Youtube based music streaming service). This allows all of us to all our favorite song and we can have them all at one place. Not only YouTube this browser gives you access to use many media from other sites.

Many people are going to like the inbuilt download manager of this browser. These lightweight browsers have an inbuilt option for downloading YouTube videos and also it has an inbuilt Torrent downloader. This makes it easy to download videos/songs or anything you want from YouTube and many social media sites. And also the inbuilt Torrent download manager makes it more beautiful because users don’t have to install any other software to download from torrent. But make sure while downloading only download legal content online because downloading illegal content can lend you in some problem.

Torch Browser is free you can download by visiting this link.


lightweight browsers

Lunascape is the combo of four (Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari) browsers. This includes Gecko (Firefox), Webkit (Safari & Chrome), Trident (Internet Explorer) and all in one place.

The best part of Lunascape is you can use 3 different engines in this browser. You can choose one engine to use when you open Lunascape and you can change to any engine you want anytime. Isn’t it beautiful?

But many people having the problem with this and they are saying that it is reducing its performance. This is the biggest problem with this browser. However, I haven’t noticed this issue while using this for some days.

You can download these lightweight browsers by visiting this link.


lightweight browsers

It is one of the oldest browsers that is been around us for more than 20 years. This browser is for advanced people who use the command prompt often. You can name it “Browser for Programmer/Coders”.Lynx is a text-based browser that means you can’t see any images while browsing that’s why it can run on many low ram Pc without any problem.

Its major disadvantage is it doesn’t allow users to download multiple files at once one can download only 1 file at a time. You can download this browser by visiting this link.

That’s all for this post if you found this guide about best lightweight browsers then do share with your friends and if you have any problem related to this post then comment down below so that I can help you out and I will see you in the next one.




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